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When will the resources be available for download?

Season of Creation, Pentecost 2 resources are in June.
Advent, Christmas, Epiphany are in August.
Lent, Easter resources are available by Advent, Christmas, Epiphany.
Pentecost 1 resources are available by Lent, Easter.

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Why are there only 3 Leader spots for my ENCORE Age Level resources?

The Licensing of all Seasons resources is based on the Copyright Permission we pay for and receive from various writers, musicians, and artists for each quarter of the year. Based on the maximum number of students per class, 12, we believe one Membership Coordinator (MC) and 3 Leaders is sufficient for a classroom learning setting. If your church rotates Leaders, the MC will just log on to set up Leaders and add or remove Leader emails as necessary.

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How do I get an online password?

Regardless of whether you order Seasons in print, on USB, or on the web, anyone in your congregation can access additional materials in the Planning, Library, Lection Connection, and Links sections without a password.

If your church ordered Seasons in print and/or on USB, you do not need to log in to view your extra resources. You can access Lection Connection, Links, the Library, and the Planning sections without logging in! Simply navigate using the links at the top of the page.

If your church ordered Seasons on the web, then the Membership Coordinator (MC) email address would have received an automatic confirmation email providing a password. The MC then logs on to the website and clicks on Set up Leaders (see below) to add the email addresses of the Leaders. They in turn receive a confirmation email with their own password to log in.

To set up leaders, log in then click on the Setup Leaders button in the top right corner

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Why did my password not get reset?

Often emails can be redirected by your email security settings. Please check your spam/junk folders of your email account. If the password reset email is not in any of your email files please contact our customer service representatives.

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My screen is blank! I can't print any pages.

Please download the newest version of Adobe Reader.

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