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Season of Creation - Year 1


Download PDF$50.00
Worship and Education Resource

88 PP | 8.5" x 11"
ISBN: 978-1-77064-457-1

Many Christian communities are increasingly concerned about the ecological crisis and the way we treat Earth. How do we focus this concern? What kind of messages are we conveying through our worship, Christian education, and outreach? Can we change or improve these messages so that people are inspired to heal rather than exploit the planet?

The Season of Creation was developed as a new season of the church year during which congregations are encouraged to focus their worship and Christian education activities on God’s creation. The Season of Creation is now celebrated in many countries through the world, often during the first four weeks of September, although many churches prefer to observe it in the spring.

Wood Lake Publishing is pleased to offer Year 1 of a downloadable, stand-alone, four-week Season of Creation resource based on the Seasons of the Spirit Season of Creation. This resource contains all the background information, ideas, and suggestions you need to celebrate the Season of Creation in your congregation.

The four Sundays of Year 1 focus on Forest, Land, Wilderness/Outback, and River. The scripture texts in this resource are taken from Year 1 of the three-year Season of Creation cycle of readings that broadly corresponds to the pattern of the Revised Common Lectionary. The gospel readings are from Matthew. Along with general directions on how to use this resource, you receive for each Sunday:

  • Biblical background
  • reflective questions
  • a suggested focus for worship, learning, and service that considers how the theme might connect with the lives of those gathered
  • a worship outline (for all ages)
  • poetry and prose
  • a Bible story (works across all ages)
  • station suggestions
  • a resource sheet to use at one of the stations
  • an activity sheet for the very young


There are also music suggestions, and songs and stories are available for separate purchase and MP3 download. The downloadable Season of Creation resource is divided into two parts: Worship and Faith Formation for All Ages, and Adult Faith Formation.

Engage your congregation in the Season of Creation with this user-friendly, comprehensive downloadable guide for each of the four Sundays in Year 1.

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