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The Midwife's Story Family Christmas Pageant


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This Christmas pageant is based on the book The Midwife’s Story - Meditations for Advent Times (Northstone 2003). The book, written by Nancy Reeves and illustrated by Margaret Kyle, contains the poem of the midwife who might have been present at the birth of Jesus. The poem is followed by an 8 section study guide, asking “What newness is God wanting to birth in you?”

This pageant was written as a response to a church’s desire to honor the wonder of birth; specifically the birth of Jesus. Although the pageant is not graphic, the birth process is more realistic than that shown in many pageants.

The pageant can be as simple or as complex as you desire and have the resources for. Suggestions are written with the awareness that most productions will be staged by amateur actors, on a small budget. There are a few speaking parts, and most of those are for older youth or adults. The majority of the parts are for children, and are nonspeaking. Much of the action is verbalized through the hymns the congregation sings. If all hymns are included, the production takes just under an hour

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