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Ages 15-18: Nov 27/2022 - Feb 19/2023


On the Web$85.00 Print$95.00
Advent, Christmas, Epiphany (2022-23)

ISBN: 978-1-77343-599-2

Product will ship July 2022

This resource promotes the development of leadership skills and encourages young people to serve in the local and global ministries of the church. A “Digging Deeper” section offers groups that enjoy discussion a chance to explore some themes in greater depth. Leaders will find the Ages 15-18 resource perfect for mid-week gatherings, retreats, worship leadership, and outdoor ministry programs.



  • One Biblical Background page
  • One Prepare page
  • Two pages of Weekly Sessions
  • Two pages of reproducible Resource Sheets


  • Articles including About This SeasonThis Season for Ages 15-18, and Connecting with the Art
  • Six extra Resource pages
  • Two-page Evaluation Form
  • Two Posters

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  • Planning & Overview
  • Library & Action Zone, including the From Start to Finish Booklet, replacement resources for All Saints Day and Reformation Day, Virtual Resource Booklet with crafts, patterns, recipes, etc., and more
  • Spirit Sightings
  • BLOG
  • Links

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