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Ages 6-8: Sep 1/2019 - Nov 24/2019


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Season of Creation/ Pentecost 2

Product will ship July 2019

Weekly resources begin to address the more abstract thinking skills of children in the early grades of school. Leaders will find easy-to-use dramas, stories, and activities that connect with real life and the eager minds of this enthusiastic group. Spiritual development is nurtured through ritual and encouraging relationships with peers and adults.

The SeasonsENCORE Ages 6-8 Poster Set includes special Story Props posters exclusive to this age group for each quarter.



  • One Biblical Background page
  • One Prepare page
  • Two pages of Weekly Sessions
  • Two pages of reproducible Resource Sheets


  • Articles including About This SeasonThis Season for Ages 6-8, and Connecting with the Art
  • Six extra Resource pages
  • Two-page Evaluation Form
  • Two Posters

FREE on the website

  • Planning & Overview
  • Library & Action Zone, including the From Start to Finish Booklet, replacement resources for All Saints Day and Reformation Day, Virtual Resource Booklet with crafts, patterns, recipes, etc., and more
  • Spirit Sightings
  • BLOG
  • Links
  • Revised Common Lectionary resources for the first four weeks of September

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