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Victor's Pink Pyjamas



32 PP | 8" x 9"
ISBN: 978-1-77064-571-4

Victor loves his pink (accident-in-the-washing-machine) pyjamas. But not everyone does. His father and sister think pink is just for girls. But Victor knows that lots of wonderful things are pink – like strawberry ice cream, bubble gum, and walruses basking in the sun – and they’re not just for girls. What will happen when Victor outgrows his pink pyjamas and needs a new pair?

This engaging and humorous book explores what it is like to make choices that are different from the cultural norm. In gentle ways, the story examines how people within Victor’s family and outside of it react to something “different” (some are supportive, some are not), and how Victor remains undaunted and empowered in the face of the various responses. The full-colour illustrations capture the playful yet respectful tone of the book beautifully.

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