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Wood Lake Publishing has been producing passionate, inclusive and emergent resources alongside our curricula for over 30 years! You will find a good selection below, and you can visit www.woodlakebooks.com to view our full list.

Seasons Related Resources

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  1. 52 More Crafts
    for the Christian Year
    ISBN: 978-1-55145-570-9
  2. A World of Faith
    Introducing Spiritual Traditions to Teens
    ISBN: 978-1-55145-554-9
  3. Adventures of The God Detectives
    ISBN: 978-1-55145-542-6
    ISBN: 978-1-77064-265-2
    Print$4.00 eBook$3.59
  4. Bible Stories for All Ages Yr A
    With Activities for the very young
    ISBN: 978-1-55145-546-4
  5. Dragon Talks (Year A)
    Puppet Scripts for Lectionary Year A
    ISBN: 978-1-77064-807-4
  6. Dragon Talks (Year C)
    Puppet Scripts for Lectionary Year C
    ISBN: 978-1-77064-794-7
  7. Faith Forward
    A Dialogue on Children, Youth, and a New Kind of Christianity
    ISBN: 978-1-77064-574-5
    ISBN: 978-1-77064-578-3
    ISBN: 978-1-77064-578-3
    Print$29.95 eBook$14.95 Kindle$14.95
  8. Faith Forward Volume 1-3 Set
    ISBN: 978-1-77343-165-9
  9. Faith Forward Volume 2
    Re-Imagining Children’s and Youth Ministry
    ISBN: 978-1-77064-799-2
    ISBN: 978-1-77064-800-5
    ISBN: 978-1-77064-800-5
    Print$19.95 eBook$14.95 Kindle$14.95
  10. Faith Forward Volume 3
    Launching a Revolution through Ministry with Children, Youth and Families
    ISBN: 978-1-77343-027-0
    ISBN: 978-1-77343-140-6
    ISBN: 978-1-77343-140-6
    Print$19.95 Ebook$14.95 Kindle$14.95
  11. Go Deep
    Spiritual Practices for Youth Ministry
    ISBN: 978-1-55145-575-4
    ISBN: 978-1-55145-583-9
    ISBN: 978-1-55145-582-2
    Print$29.95 eBook$9.98 pdf on Disk$4.00
  12. How Do I Pray for Grandpa?
    ISBN: 978-1-77064-682-7
  13. Is That Story True?
    ISBN: 978-1-55145-569-3
  14. Jeremiah and the Letter e
    ISBN: 978-1-77064-442-7
  15. Jesse's Surprise Gift
    ISBN: 978-1-77064-443-4
  16. Learning God's Stories Together
    Intergenerational Program for Church & Home
    ISBN: 978-1-55145-559-4
  17. Lectionary Story Bible Audio & Art YR A
    ISBN: 978-1-55145-590-7
    ISBN: LSB-A track download
    Audio & Art CDs$59.95
  18. Lectionary Story Bible Audio & Art YR C
    ISBN: 978-1-77064-395-6
    ISBN: LSB-C single track download
    Audio & Art CDs$59.95
  19. Lectionary Story Bible Set
    Year A, B, and C
    ISBN: 978-1-55145-577-8
displaying 1-20 out of 57 previous 123

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