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These downloadable audio Bible Stories work across all ages and can be used in church, growing faith and discipleship at home. SeasonsFUSION users will find these stories on their Data CD.

Sound effects within Audio Bible Stories courtesy of SoundJay.com. Used with permission.

Downloadable MP3s

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  1. God Never Gives Up Loving- With Psalm
    Bible Story Based on Psalm 63:1-8
    ISBN: BS-God-Never-Gives-up-Loving-With-Psalm
    Download MP3$1.50
  2. God Never Gives Up Loving-Without Psalm
    Bible Story Based on Psalm 63:1-8
    ISBN: BS-God-Never-Gives-Up-Loving-Without-Psalm
    Download MP3$1.50
  3. God Reminds Job
    Based on Job 38:1-18
    ISBN: BS-God-Reminds-Job
    Download MP3$1.50
  4. God's Good Creation
    Based on Genesis 1:1-2:4a
    ISBN: BS-God's-Good-Creation
    Download MP3$1.50
  5. God's Great Universe Song
    Bible Story Based on Psalm 19
    ISBN: BS-God’s-Great-Universe-Song
    Download MP3$1.50
  6. God's Loving Way
    Bible Story based on Exodus 20:1–4, 7–9, 12–20
    ISBN: BS-Waiting
    Download MP3$1.50
  7. God's Mountain
    Based on Isaiah 11:1-10
    ISBN: BS-God's-Mountain
    Download MP3$1.50
  8. God's New Agreement
    Based on Jeremiah 31:31-34
    ISBN: BS-God's-New-Agreement
    Download MP3$1.50
  9. God's Offer of Healing
    Based on Numbers 21:4-9
    ISBN: BS-God's-Offer-of-Healing
    Download Only Posters$1.50
  10. God's Promises
    Based on Jeremiah 33:14-16
    ISBN: BS-SOS-God's Promises
    Download MP3$1.50
  11. God, My Rock
    Based on Psalm 62:5-12
    ISBN: BS-God-My-Rock
    Download MP3$1.50
  12. Goliath and David
    Based on 1 Samuel 17:1-49
    ISBN: BS-Goliath-and-David
    Download MP3$1.50
  13. Good News to Tell
    Bible Story Based on Luke 24:36b–48
    ISBN: BS-Good-News-to-Tell
    Download MP3$1.50
  14. Hard to Hear
    Based on Luke 4:21-30
    ISBN: BS-SOS-Hard to Hear
    Download MP3$1.50
  15. Hearing a Silent Voice
    Based on 1 Kings 19:1-4, (5-7), 8-15a
    ISBN: BS-Hearing-a-Silent-Voice
    Download MP3$1.50
  16. Hide and Seek
    Based on Matthew 25:14-30
    ISBN: BS-Hide-and-Seek
    Download MP3$1.50
  17. How to Pray
    Based on Luke 11:1-13
    ISBN: BS-How-To-Pray
    Download MP3$1.50
  18. I Am the Good Caretaker
    Bible Story Based on John 10:11-18
    ISBN: BS-I-Am-the-Good-Caretaker
    Download MP3$1.50
  19. I can See
    Bible Story Based on Mark 10:46-52
    ISBN: BS-I-Can-See
    Download MP3$1.50
  20. I Have Seen the Lord!
    Based on John 20:1-18
    ISBN: BS-I-Have-Seen-the-Lord
    Download MP3$1.50
displaying 81-100 out of 257 123456789

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