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These downloadable audio Bible Stories work across all ages and can be used in church, growing faith and discipleship at home. SeasonsFUSION users will find these stories on their Data CD.

Sound effects within Audio Bible Stories courtesy of SoundJay.com. Used with permission.

Downloadable MP3s

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  1. Comforting Words
    Bible Story Based on Isaiah 40:1-11
    ISBN: BS-Comforting-Words
    Download MP3$1.50
  2. Coming Home
    Bible Story Based on Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32
    ISBN: BS-Coming-Home
    Download MP3$1.50
  3. Coming into Jerusalem
    Based on Matthew 21:1-11
    ISBN: BS-Coming-Into-Jerusalem
    Download MP3$1.50
  4. Conversations with Myself
    Based on Matthew 10:24-31
    ISBN: BS-Conversations-With-Myself
    Download MP3$1.50
  5. Creation Waiting
    Based on Romans 8:18-27
    ISBN: BS-Creation Waiting
    Download MP3$1.50
  6. Crossing the Jordan River
    Bible Story Based on Joshua 3:7-17
    ISBN: BS-Crossing-Jordan
    Download MP3$1.50
  7. Dance and Celebrate God
    Based on Isaiah 61:10-11
    ISBN: BS-Dance-and-Celebrate-God
    Download MP3$1.50
  8. David Sings
    Based on Psalm 145:1-5, 17-21
    ISBN: BS-David-Sings-Pslam-145
    Download MP3$1.50
  9. David Sings
    Based on Psalm 104:14-23
    ISBN: BS-David-Sings
    Download MP3$1.50
  10. David Takes a Stand
    Bible Story Based on 1 Samuel 17: (1a, 4–11, 19–23,) 32–49
    ISBN: BS-David-Takes-a-Stand
    Download MP3$1.50
  11. David's Song of Praise
    Based on Psalm 145:1-5, 17-21
    ISBN: BS-David's-Song-of-Praise
    Download MP3$1.50
  12. Enough for All
    Based on Matthew 25:1-13
    ISBN: BS-Enough-for-All
    Download MP3$1.50
  13. Feeding One Another
    Based on 1 Kings 17:8-24
    ISBN: BS-Feeding-One-Another
    Download MP3$1.50
  14. Following a Celestial Sign
    Bible Story Based on Matthew 2:1-12
    ISBN: BS-Following-the-Celestial-Sign
    Download MP3$1.50
  15. Following the Star
    Bible Story Based on Matthew 2:1–12
    ISBN: BS-Following-the-Star
    Download MP3$1.50
  16. For Everyone Born MP3
    Seasons Music for Year B
    ISBN: febMP3
    Download MP3$1.29
  17. Friend
    Based on John 14:15-21
    ISBN: BS-Friend
    Download MP3$1.50
  18. Gardens You May Never Get to See
    Bible Story Based on Jeremiah 33:14-16
    ISBN: BS-Gardens-You-May-Never-Get-to-see
    Download MP3$1.50
  19. Get Ready for a New Friend
    Bible Story Based on Luke 1:68-79 and Luke 3:1-7
    ISBN: BS-Get-Ready-for-a-New-Friend
    Download MP3$1.50
  20. Gifts for Jesus
    Based on Matthew 2:1-12
    ISBN: BS-Gifts-for-Jesus
    Download MP3$1.50
displaying 61-80 out of 269 123456789

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