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Seasons Lectionary Year ‘On the Web’ Full Year Products

Customers who live in the Southern Hemisphere follow a slightly different curricula year than most Northern Hemisphere congregations. They follow the Lectionary Year, starting with Advent and ending with the last Sunday of Pentecost.

Starting Advent 2021, Wood Lake Publishing is offering on the web Seasons of the Spirit in a Lectionary Year format, in addition to our traditional September to August packages. For Lectionary Year 2021-22, the dates are November 28, 2021 – November 20, 2022. (Traditional School Year dates are Sept 5 2021 - Aug 28, 2022)

The early order deadline for the Lectionary Year products is July 31st.  Please note this is online only! We are not offering print or disk full year Lectionary year 2021-2022 packages.

Single quarter packages will be available, as always, in print, on disk or on the web. 

** All prices for international orders and US orders effective July 1, 2021 will be in USD. **


SEASONS OF THE SPIRIT Customers please be advised:

Print / Disk / USB customers from Australia will continue to buy from MediaCom Education: www.mediacomeducation.org.au

Print / Disk / USB customers from New Zealand will continue to buy from Philip Garside Publishing Ltd: www.pgpl.co.nz

Print and Disk customers from North America will continue to buy from Wood Lake Publishing: www.seasonsonline.ca

All Online Customers will buy from Wood Lake Publishing / www.seasonsonline.ca



What happens after my Lectionary Year Online resources order has been processed?

  • Wood Lake Publishing will send the Membership Coordinator (MC) email address a Purchase Confirmation with a verification number and authorization number along with access instructions
  • The Membership Coordinator can log in at www.seasonsonline.ca to access the purchased ONLINE resources, and set up leaders to give access to the same resources.
  • Leaders, as well as the Membership Coordinator, will receive an automated Leader Notification e-mail with their Leader password.
  • If no Confirmation Email is received, either the Membership Coordinator or the Leader can write to info@seasonsonline.ca any day of the week to request a re-send. 
  • If there are any problems accessing ONLINE resources please write to info@seasonsonline.ca any day of the week and we will respond as quickly as possible.

2021-22 Fusion Large Church Resources

2021-22 Fusion Lectionary Year

2021-22 Lectionary Year Adult

2021-22 Lectionary Year Ages 12-14

2021-22 Lectionary Year Ages 15-18

2021-22 Lectionary Year Ages 3-5

2021-22 Lectionary Year Ages 6-8

2021-22 Lectionary Year Ages 9-11

2021-22 Lectionary Year Multiage

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