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...is a worship resource based on the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) that is created in a community to support and inspire any worship leader in the church.


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FUSION provides a thoughtful balance between practical planning, biblical background information and worship outlines as well as pages that can be used along with a Christian education team. It also includes faith formation resources that families can use to grow their faith at home and in the community.

SeasonsFUSION is designed for:

  • large and small congregations looking for resources that integrate or fuse worship, learning, and service, and that support the many ways they practice Christianity
  • congregations where age range and numbers make age-level faith formation programs difficult to maintain
  • vital congregations committed to faith formation and living their lives together in ways that embody and nourish faith
  • congregations that look to lay worship/preaching teams and need study help
  • congregations that want to experiment with reshaping their lives together as a worshipping and learning community
  • congregations that are looking for support for growing faith and discipleship at home
  • congregations that… well, you fill in the blank!


Ministry Resources

Worship leaders will find FUSION to be the complete package of ministry resources they need. FUSION includes articles to support ministry and share with Sunday School leaders. These give background information on the seasons of the church year, provide worship and sermon ideas, and offer inspiring poetry and prose that can be used to bring worship to life.

FUSION also includes thought-provoking reflective questions that can be used as sermon seeds, adult Bible studies, or youth discussions. Worship, learning, and serving notes consider what is going on in the lives of people who will gather on Sunday and provide ideas for how the Biblical theme might intersect and connect with their lives.

Bible Stories

Bible stories are an important part of worship. They help children and adults alike understand and engage with the Bible. Each week of FUSION includes a Bible story that can be read during worship for all ages and an accompanying audio file that can be played during children’s time.

Faith Stations

Faith stations are ideas for Christian practice that are included in every week of FUSION. They can be adapted for a variety of situations: for mid-week settings, for children's church, or in the worship service itself! Because the stations offer ideas for a variety of age-levels, they are great for small churches who want to integrate their worship, learning, and service and do intergenerational faith formation.

Discipleship at Home

Faith formation doesn't stop when people walk out the door. FUSION helps to grow discipleship at home, by offering activity sheets for the very young that can be sent home with children. As well, each season includes Nurturing Faith and Spirituality lessons for each week that gives families ideas for exploring their faith at home.

Art & Music

Since its beginning, Seasons of the Spirit has been committed to engaging the arts in faith formation. Each season of FUSION includes a full-colour poster set for displaying in the church as well as the images for projecting during worship service.

Congregational Engagement

When you choose FUSION, you are getting a complete package that includes resources for everyone in your congregation. Anyone in your congregation can access these and more on the site:

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