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...are specifically designed to engage various age-levels as they use their imagination to explore the Bible, tradition, science, technology, and the arts.

Lectionary-based Sunday School

SeasonsENCORE Sunday school resources are based on the semi-continuous readings of the Revised Common Lectionary and follow the familiar, easy-to-lead pattern of Focus, Prepare, Gather, Engage, Respond, Bless, and Reflect. A common Biblical Background page outlines the Bible stories for each week and provides commentary on the scripture readings.

As a lectionary-based curriculum, SeasonsENCORE provides Christian education resources for each Sunday of the church year. For the first four weeks of September, SeasonsENCORE users can choose to follow the Revised Common Lectionary or the Season of Creation readings.

SeasonsENCORE shares the same Art Posters, Articles, Music Suggestions, and Biblical Background pages (written new each year) as SeasonsFUSION. Congregations can use both SeasonsFUSION and SeasonsENCORE together, perfectly.


The SeasonsENCORE curriculum for Sunday school is available for seven different age-levels:


Perfect for your next Adult study group, ENCORE Adult is a Bible study resource that helps adults to explore their faith through activities and articles that encourage a rich engagement with the Lectionary readings. Learn more

Ages 15-18

ENCORE for Ages 15-18 is a youth ministry resource that promotes the development of leadership skills and encourages young people to serve in the local and global ministries of the church. Learn more

Ages 12-14

This youth ministry resource allows young teens to be self-directed in their learning. With a focus on friendships and community, ENCORE Ages 12-14 encourages communication and connection through a variety of activities that meet the needs of different learning styles. Learn more

Ages 9-11

Children ages 9-11 are introduced to issues of justice and fairness in ENCORE Ages 9-11. This Sunday school curriculum encourages children to work in groups to explore the faith traditions of others, develop Biblical knowledge, and ask questions. Learn more

Ages 6-8

Leaders will find easy-to-use dramas, stories, and activities that connect with real life in this popular Sunday school curriculum. ENCORE Ages 6-8 offers weekly resources that address the more abstract thinking skills of children in the early grades of school. Learn more

Ages 3-5

Preschool-aged children learn through hands-on activities and enjoy routines and rituals. ENCORE Ages 3-5 uses interactive storytelling, puppets, drama, and art to explore Bible stories and make Christian education fun for young children. Learn more

Multiage (Ages 5-12)

ENCORE Multiage provides Sunday school activities for a group of up to 15 children between ages 5 and 12. Address different ages, interests, learning styles, and abilities with these "activity zones," including an Art zone, Music zone, Outreach zone, and Quiet zone! Learn more

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