Introduction to Seasons of the Spirit
Seasons of the Spirit provides lectionary-based resources for worship, Christian education, and ministries of serving. These resources nurture faith...

Christian Education Resources that Support Participation of Children and Youth in Ministry
Since the Christian faith is lived in the context of community, not isolation, every member of the Christian community can be equipped for ministry (see Ephesians 3:12 and elsewhere). This provision includes children and young people. Seasons of the Spirit Christian education resources support...

The Revised Common Lectionary - One Lectionary, Two Streams
While many churches use the Revised Common Lectionary, many people may not realize that there are two different sets of readings from the Hebrew Scriptures during the Season after Pentecost...

Engaging the Imagination
In the Theological and Educational Foundations Paper for Seasons of the Spirit, the first affirmation is an invitation "to explore the meaning and mystery in the Bible through the lectionary." Further, these resources will...

Being a Lectionary-Led Congregation
The Christian church has a variety of structures to guide what it does. While some structures can at times stifle, the best ones ignite spontaneity. The lectionary can be just such a structure – a wondrous tool...

Discovering God's Will through Spiritual Discernment
It's life-giving to discover that God has a hope for us - that God yearns to participate in shaping our dreams and convictions...

Ritual Teaches Hope
What is so special about stories and songs around a campfire? Does the care we take to gather the driftwood and prepare the place to kindle it, waiting till dark, getting the marshmallows, sharpening the sticks – does all this somehow contribute to the storytelling and singing? Fond memories...



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